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The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel

The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel





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In the 8th century BC, it was the setting for one of the largest deportations ever recorded in human history. Palestine, or Canaan, was invaded by the armies of the Assyrian Empire - this resulted in the subjugation and deportation of virtually the entire Israelite population into Assyria.
This huge number of Israelites, taken captive by the Assyrians, became known as 'The Lost Tribes of Israel', not just because they lost their homeland, but also because they lost their Israelite name.
The subsequent fall of the Assyrian Empire enabled these lost tribes to begin their migrations; journeys that would take many of them out of Assyria westward into Asia Minor and Europe.
This film follows these people on a unique journey through the Dariel Pass and onwards through the Caucasus regions between the Black and Caspian seas.

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